After the Town Hall Bomb. 2000
Pohotographs, lace & acrylic on board
207 x 310 cm.  Artist's collection displayed at The Serendib Gallery



Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Sri Lanka.


Has Exhibited in Colombo, Moratuwa, Hambantota, Matara, Dhaka, Enschede and Fukuoka.

After The Town Hall Bomb.

...When the Sri Lankan President was attending a political rally at the Town Hall Colombo, a woman suicide bomber of the LTTE guerilla unit fighting for a separate state in the north, with a bomb attached to her midriff intended to blast the President along with herself.  As a result of the blast the president lost an eye and the bomber's body was completely destroyed...

This incident has become a reality in my exclusively personal world.  Because of the fact that the places we often frequent turn suddenly into battlefields.  But the question which baffles me most is, what is the political truth in this incident, which bereft the right to experience the good in life for the woman bomber or for that matter even the President herself.  Through this I feel more strongly than ever towards the 'disaster of Sri Lankan feminity.'

Through this town Hall bomb incident I feel very strongly towards the feminine characters involved in this War situation, which is created by man.  But in a number of scattered political phenomena, I as a person an non-political to the extent where I couldn't think of anything except asking the question.. . Who am I as a man in such a country?  Because of this I place myself as the only male figure in my work of art.   (The only male figure - with the back to the viewer.)  So I have created this work as an expression of myself in a Sri Lankan context.