The Female Life Model I. 2000
Oil on canvas

132 x 84 cm. Artist's collection

The Female Life Model II. 2000
Oil on canvas

157 x 105 cm. Artist's collection




Received BFA Degree from the Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka in 2000.


Has Exhibited in Colombo and Matara.

"Painting is a space in which male artists can practice voyeurism in a respectable manner (I know that this is true for photographers as well). This has been made possible as the female model, whose nudity in an artist's studio is situated in a discourse of 'history of art'. In my paintings, I am throwing a critical eye at my own self as an artist and my relationship to the female model in front of me, who is ready to undress for my gaze, as I know that she is doing this because she is poor."