The Vehicle Named Women. 1997
Metal, board, acrylic, magazine cutouts
Each panel 122 x 122 cm.  Collection not recorded



University of Colombo, Sri Lanka; Santa Barbara City College, California, USA; The Visual Art School of Princeton, New Jersey, USA.


Has Exhibited in Colombo, California and New Delhi.

"The car is bestowed with a feminine gender status.  This gender fixation is constructed and perpetuated by the technical devices, codes and conventions, such as media, advertisements and social images etc.   That is, in the popular culture and its imagery the image of the car is linked with the image of the woman locating both within the same sphere of sexual objectification.   Once the socio-political and consumerist rhetoric creates such an image it is perceived and consumed as a fetish object for the appropriation and control by man and for their pleasure, and thus a certain eroticism is attached to it. It is pampered, beautified, perfumed and some time venerated.  Here, the car as a fetish object is appropriated and totally prostituted and consumed as an extension of feminine energy."