Welcome to Eastern Province. 2000
Lacquer, acrylic, measuring tape and photo copy on board
60 X 300 cm.  Artist's collection



Institute of Aesthetic Studies, Sri Lanka.


Has Exhibited in Colombo, Matara and New Delhi.

"War is a complex mechanism that gives rise to various sub or regional cultures.  'Junction 69' is one such subculture that has formed over the past two decades.  At one time in my life I was part of that subculture from which I have now distanced myself.  From Colombo, the so called 'center' of modern Sri Lankan society where war is more a 'media reality' for media merchants and politicians, which is intermittently ruptured by bomb explosions, I look back at my days at 'Junction 69' and I can see how war and violence defined human space in alarming dimensions that are horrific and weird in one hand and sarcastic and satirical on the other."