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3.3 The Southern School

The Southern School, which has many general stylistic features in common with the Central Kandyan tradition, nevertheless has an artistic expression of its own, probably rooted in the now totally extinct painting tradition of Kotte and Sitawaka; the two administrative Capitals before Kandy, which were located within or in the neighborhood of the western coastal regions of Sri Lanka.

The King of Taxila touring the city.  Telapatta Jataka. Lower temple, Mulkirigala Rajamahavihara. Mid to late 19th century.

Representation of the Tooth-Relic Temple in Kandy.
Sailabimbarama, Dodanduva.  Late 19th century.

Ummagga Jataka. Image house, Subo-dharama, Karagampitiya. 1897. Pandit Mahosadha instructs the villagers how to prepare rice for King Vedeha of Mithila.

Vessantara as a baby being fed by his mother, Queen Phusati.  Vessantara Jataka. Valalgoda Rajamahavihara, near Ambilipitiya. Mid 19th century.