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George Keyt 1901 - 1993

  Publication documents the leading evaluations of his art by critics far placed as Europe the Indian Sub-Continent and South America

  also contains important contributions made by the artist in a different medium

  the artist's pre-occupation with the Buddhist renaissance in the nineteen twenties led to the poems, essays and stories inspired by Buddhist teachings

  interest in Indian philosophy and hinduism led to a strong poetic phase and a striking and exuberant efflorescene of his painting

  and then followed the magnificent rendering into English of Jayadeva's Gita Govinda and the very sensitive drawings for this love poem

  A Bio-Bibliography 1923 - 1988 which covers most of his life details the writings on George Keyt and almost as many writings by him

  There is also a Descriptive List of Catalogues of his Exhibitions from 1947 to 1988.  Several of then outside Sri Lanka in Bombay, Delhi and London.  His work has also been in Exhibitions in many other centres.

From Catalogues and Reviews

George Keyt, who, if his work was known here, would surely be recognized as an artist of important genius.

Foreword to the catalogue by John Berger
'43 Group Exhibition
Imperial Institute Art Galleries - London 1952

Keyt, I think, is the living nucleus of a greater painter.  Magically though he places his colours, and carefully though he distributes his plastic volumes, Keyt's pictures nevertheless produce a dramatic effect particularly in his paintings of Sinhalese people.  These figures take on a strange expressive grandeur, and radiate an aura of intensely profound feelings.

Pablo Neruda
The Nobel Prize winning Chilean poet 1930

...I have looked among the contemporaries for one of those whom I could place proudly in the front frank of world art.  And you were the only one whom I could honestly present to my own eyes as of their rank.

Mulk Raj Anand, Chairman Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi
Distinguished Author, Organiser of Triennale Exhibition which becomes the hallmark of genius ... art of emotional exuberance miraculously held in balance by a craftsmanship that always retain its control.

Nissim Ezekiel - Eminent Poet and Art Critic