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G + H + I  2001
Acrylic on canvas
44 x 90 cm


Sujith Rathnayake was born in 1971 in Ranna in the Deep South of Sri Lanka, and received a BFA from the Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya. His work has garnered many awards since he was selected as the ‘Artist of the Year’ by the George Keyt Foundation in 1999. He was also selected by the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum under the ‘Winds of Artists in Residence’ programme to work in Fukuoka, where his work was subsequently exhibited. Sujith has also shown work across Sri Lanka (including in Colombo, Moratuwa, Hambantota and Matara), as well as in Dhaka and Enschede, Netherlands. He has recently staged his second solo show at the Lionel Wendt Centre, to high critical acclaim. He says, in reference to his work ‘After the Town Hall Bomb’: ‘in a number of scattered political phenomena, I, as a person, am a non-political to the extent where I couldn't think of anything except asking the question... Who am I as a man in such a country? Because of this I place myself as the only male figure in my work of art. So I have created this work as an expression of myself in a Sri Lankan context.’