Late Harry Pieris
Founder Sapumal Foundation
Bronze.  Sita Joseph


The galleries of the Sapumal Foundation contain over 200 paintings and drawings which trace the development of art in Sri Lanka from the 1920s to date, a selection from over 1000 items in the inventory of the Foundation.

The core of the collection consists of works by Harry Pieris, Richard Gabriel, Ivan Peries, Justin Daraniyagala, George Keyt, L T P Manjusri, Geoffery Beling, George Claessen and Aubrey Collette.

These artists were the original members of the '43 Group and laid the foundation of modern art in Sri Lanka.  Other Sri Lankan artists who also have their works displayed in the gallery include Ranil Deraniyagala, Tilak Samarawickreme, Marie Alles Fernando, Swanee Jayawardena, Sushila Fernando, Sevali Illangasinghe, Noeline Fernando, Badugodahewa and Nadine David.

The galleries occupy the house where the late Harry Pieris lived and worked.  The larger section of the display gallery is in his sitting rooms witch have been left as he once used them.  The studio where he painted still contains his easel, brushes, palate and the box containing the last few tubes of paint he used.  A sales gallery contains works of art for sale.  A print studio offer training in etching, engraving and other forms of printing.

The Foundation was set up by the late Harry Pieris in 1974.  It is an approved charity.

Contact Information:

32/4 Barnes Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.
Tel: 011 2695731
Open Wednesday to Sunday, 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.