Online Exhibition

Having an essentially tradional approach to art, I do no have a desire to distort or break the rules of perspective and proportions etc., but prefer to adhere to the basics in the classical sense.

I like to draw from life and prefer charcoal as a medium.  Where I sometimes indulge myself and experiment is when adding colours while painting.

I believe that colour is the form of expression that mostly differs amongst artists.   In observing nature closely, it is fascinating to notice the colours that birds, butterflies and fallen leaves have, together with the atmospheric changes that bring about different colours to the same object at different times of the day.  These observations have influenced my thoughts when using colour.

I feel that an artist should have the ability to construct and draw accurately and to be uninhibited giving vent to his emotions and feelings when painting.  Most of all he should enjoy what he is doing.  Art embraces a wide spectrum and what is attractive to one layperson may not appeal to another.  But if I have in a small way brought a little happiness to even a few at one moment of time through my work, that indeed would be gratifying.