Ma Saha Oba Athin.  2002 
Acrylic on canvas
70 x 153 cm




Wijelatha Edirisinghe is a Painter and Visual Artist from Kurunegala.  She is a BFA Graduate from the Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya.  Since 1993 she has participated in Art Exhibitions in Colombo and the provinces and in the last two years, her work has attracted awards.  Wijelatha's work is included in the Serendib Gallery Collection, Colombo.

"As once war was exploited peace is now being exploited.   Peace cannot be introduced by another country nor can peace be achieved by the signing of an agreement between two powerful personalities.  Attaining peace is also not a magical process.

Peace can only be achieved if the community as a whole desires it and create peace.  If the process of peace is addressed with equality, unity, impartiality and dignity interlinked like the links in a chain.  You and I can destroy all impediments to achieving peace. "