Lost Voices.  2002
Mixed media on paper.  Paper triptych
130 x 30 cm

Lost Voices.  2002
Mixed media on hand made paper
126 x 80 cm



Saba Hasan lives in New Delhi, India and has chosen to remain a full time artist for many years now.  She has followed art courses and presented papers at Universities and Academies in the UK, Switzerland and the United States and being an Anthropologist as well as a painter, also obtained her MS in Cultural Anthropology from Delhi University.  She has had many solo exhibitions in New Delhi and Mumbai and also in Pennsylvania and New York, United States as well as Switzerland.  Saba has conducted workshops for children in creativity and painting and has also illustrated and designed for Harper Collins, Katha, Asian Age and the British Council.

"I am collaging photographs, my drawings and using natural fiber as well as calligraphy as well as calligraphy, to stitch together voices from different cultures.

Some voices may get lost or silenced but new ones rise up and I want to acknowledge this in my work.  To emphasize this I use burning as a technique. Destroy the old and create the new.  Rise from the ashes."