Ayubowan.  2002
Ink on canvas
57 x 38 cm

Mama Obata Adarai.  2002
Ink and oil on canvas
31 x 31 cm



Jamal-e-Mustafa is from Lahore, Pakistan.  He obtained a Gold Medal for his M.F.A. in graphic design from the University of Punjab, Lahore.  He has participated in many leading exhibitions held by the "Punjab Artists Association" since 1995.  Jamal has been a cartoonist and illustrator and is also proficient in several computer graphic applications.  He is also proficient in pencil drawing, especially figure drawing and pencil portrait.  Jamal is at present a Visiting Lecturer at the Institute of Art & Design, University of Punjab, Lahore.

"Drawing and/or painting are the amalgamation of skill and perception/conception.  These words encompass my theory of art.  I am more attracted to the imaginative potential of dreams and the unconscious, and its presence is evident in my treatment.  I simply draw and paint to satisfy my inner soul.  I paint reality of the dream, and the subconscious mind, and want to explore its dimensions.   Each day I explore a window that takes me to myself.  I am trying to follow the traces of great masters, dream, reality, chance operations, rapid thoughtless forms and unconscious mind are the key words in my work.

Figure drawing and representational forms have been my basic interest for quite sometime, but from a couple of years I am becoming more interested in discovering creative aspects of drawings as a medium of painting"