Towards Beauty & Confidence.  2002
Painted fibre and glass on perspex
175 x 65 cm

Follow My Dream.  2002
Painted and hardened fabric
185 x 65 cm




Annemarie Matzakow is a freelance artist from Freiburg, Germany.  She began with Textile Art, having learnt the traditional Japanese kimono painting techniques and then went on to introduce a three dimensional impression into her painting using light and colour as a creative force.  Last year, her association with a Glass Studio in Germany enabled her to translate her vision into glass directing her ambition towards creating architectural art-glass.  At the moment an illuminated stained glass window for the University Hospital in Freiburg, Germany, is in progress. Annemarie has participated in several exhibitions in Germany, Austria and Japan.

"I work with colours, light and transparency.  This is my favourite theme in art."